New Year, New Blog (?)


I’ve been meaning to start a new blog or something to help be more productive and also as a way to express myself, seeing as it is a new year I thought why the fuck not. Personally, I hate new year resolutions and all the ”new year, new me” crap, but I’m going along with it even though I kinda hate myself for doing it, but whatever, I’m using any excuse to not be a lazy shit.

I’ve actually had two blogs before this one… or was it three? Honestly don’t even know, but they never worked out, I lost interest quickly, as I do with almost everything, and I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons and it was just not me. So why am I starting again? I want to do something and be productive, I am only seventeen but there are so many people out their around my age who are already doing big things and I’m sitting at home complaining about everything, watching a hundred shows and eating my body weight. And I also think I know what I like and what I want to do and so starting a blog may help me and if not its something I can use to showcase the fact that I tried. Blogs aren’t as big as they used to be, its all about YouTube now but I just can’t get myself to film myself doing something, I’m too shy and too awkward (isn’t that how everyone started?). At least writing a blog I can talk about what I want without having to showcase myself.

So whats that blog about? Everything (?). I want to do a bit of everything and not confine myself to a specific topic, it will probably be fashion and beauty most of the time, but I also want to be able to write about my day, or my thoughts and show things I’m doing and talk about whatever.

So yea…that’t kind of it, I have no idea how to end this. I also don’t know who the hell is actually gonna read this and how much I will post, considering I am in year 12 doing A levels, I choose the best time to start new projects isn’t it? and what I’m actually doing to be honest but I’ll go with it and I genuinely think I’m just talking to myself and no one is gonna read this but is that really a bad thing cause this seem’s kind of cringe.

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